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What is a tracker ID?
Tracker IDs allow us to generate your accurate accruals in real time. The CaesarsAffiliates.com Affiliate Program uses unique Tracker IDs to monitor your real money players from your marketing tools to our brands. When you initially register as an Affiliate with us, you create your first unique Tracker ID and choose your payment method. By creating the Tracker ID, you'll ensure that all your referred player and Sub-affiliate activity is automatically tracked to you.
How many tracker ID’s can I create?
As many as you like. We recommend that you create a unique tracker ID for each promotional activity you make.
What is a coupon/bonus code?
A Coupon or a Bonus Code is our way of providing bonuses and incentives to our players. It is an attractive way to drive more traffic for you and your sub-affiliates.
What is an Affiliate Program?
A program that enables you to earn money through a partnership between a merchant and an affiliate advertiser where the merchant compensates the affiliate for any business that is sent their way as a result of the marketing efforts of the affiliates.
How does an Affiliate Program work?
It’s really very simple, an affiliate program allows you to earn a profit or “commission” on any first time depositors that you bring to CaesarsAffiliates.com.
How long will it take for my application to be reviewed?
The application review process includes detailed examination of the information submitted before granting an approval to join the program. Generally applications are reviewed and approved within 48 hours. There are however some instances where applications will require additional analysis and information in order to processed. There is no assurance that applications will be approved.
My question wasn't answered here, who can I contact?
Please feel free to contact our friendly and helpful affiliate support team. Click here to reach us today.
How can I update my affiliate account details?
To update your account details, please log in to your account and click on "My Account" and "Update Your Details".
What revenue can I earn from a sub-affiliate?
Contact our support team for more information about our Sub-affiliate program.
How much does it cost to join?
NOTHING. Joining our affiliate program is absolutely free, all you need to do is follow these simple steps to join now.
I have multiple websites, do I need multiple accounts?
You don’t need multiple accounts, but we suggest that you generate a unique tracker ID for each website in order to receive more comprehensive reports.
How frequently do I get paid?
Caesars affiliates are paid monthly for the activity of the previous month.
Do negative balances carry over?
No, negative balances will not carry over to our affiliates. Your negative affiliate earnings balance will be set to zero on the 1st of each consecutive month.
Do you offer other payment methods in addition to wire transfer?
At present wire transfer is the only payment method. We plan additional payment methods in the future. Should you have special needs please contact support.
Do you offer revenue share commissions?
For revenue share commission structures please contact support.
Do I need to apply for licensure as a service provider with the Nevada State Gaming Control Board in order to become a CaesarsAffiliates.com affiliate?
You do not need to apply for licensure with the Nevada State Gaming Control Board in order to begin running the CaesarsAffiliates.com brand. In some instances a licensure will be required to realize your revenues, please check with the Nevada State Gaming Control Board.
How do I apply for licensure with the Nevada State Gaming Control Board?
Full application instructions can be found in here. Should you need our support, please contact us at affiliates@CaesarsInteractive.com
I am already a licensed service provider with the Nevada State Gaming Control Board, and am an affiliate with another gaming entity. Do I need to apply again in order to become a CaesarsAffiliates.com affiliate?
You do not need reapply for licensure. As a licensed service provider you can be affiliated with any gaming entity.
Where can I get more info about the State of Nevada’s Gaming Control?
Detailed information can be found on the Nevada State Gaming Control Board website at www.gaming.nv.gov. Specific forms can be found at www.gaming.nv.gov.
An individual who markets one or more brands and profits real money by bringing new users to their product.
Affiliate Manager
The "bridge" between the affiliate and the affiliate program. As an affiliate you will work with a designated Affiliate Manager who is responsible for assisting you with all the necessary tools and resources to run a successful campaign.
Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate Marketing is an advertising technique that helps to promote a business through affiliates. The affiliate is rewarded for every action that is agreed upon.
Affiliate Network
A partnership between an affiliate program, and you, the Affiliate. An Affiliate Program gives you revenue based on referred players and additional revenue based on the results of your Sub-affiliates.
Affiliate Tracking
The method of tracking real money player activity to a specific Affiliate account through a unique tracking link or banner code.
A graphically designed electronic advertisement or “billboard” such as an animated GIF, Flash image or static JPEG that advertises a product.
The Cashier section allows you to withdraw your earnings.
Commission is the reward paid to affiliates for promoting the Affiliate Program's brands. Different commission types are specified below and in: "Our Programs" section.
Conversion Rate
Conversion Rate is the percentage of visitors who take a desired action. For example: visitors who register and make money deposit.
Cost Per Acquisition (CPA)
Cost Per Action (CPA) is a commission type that generates a one-time, up-front payment for any real money player you bring to an Affiliate program, once CPA requirements are fulfilled by your players.
CPA Requirements
The action a player needs to make to release a CPA for an affiliate. Example actions include minimum deposits, minimum revenue generated, etc.
Deductions of processing cost, bonuses, chargebacks, and refunds that are made to calculate Gross Revenue.
Deposit Bonuses
A bonus provided to players to encourage new deposits.
Fun Player
A player who has not made a real money deposit.
Gross Revenue
The sum total of all players' losses and/or contribution to all rakes with which they are involved less Bonuses, Chargebacks, Refunds, and Processing Costs.
Code lines that an Affiliate places on his website to create a link to the brand.
Hybrid Commission
A combination of different commission types. The most common is a combination of CPA commission and Revenue share commission.
Number of times a promotional banner was viewed.
Marketing Tools
All the marketing tools you need to maximize your revenue, such as banners and links to promote the brand.
Super Affiliate
You become a Super Affiliate when you refer sub-affiliates and earn a percentage of the revenue generated by the players they refer.
Net Gaming Revenue or Real money player-generated revenue.
Commission Structure
The structure of the financial reward that the Affiliate Program pays to you for any referred player revenue.
Reports give you a reliable means to monitor your campaigns and maximize your profits. Different report types are specified in the Report page.
Revenue Share
Common commission type between an Affiliate and the Affiliate program in which the affiliate earns a percentage of the revenue generated by the players they have referred.
New Depositing Players (NDPs) are real money players who have registered and made at least one deposit.
A Sub-affiliate is an affiliate you refer to the affiliate program As a Super Affiliate you will receive commission from the revenues brought by your Sub-Affiliate. Sub-affiliates themselves receive the same benefits as regular Affiliates. Read more about Multi-Tier Campaign. To create a Multi-Tier Campaign visit our Marketing Tools page.
Affiliate Tracking Profile/Site ID
You can create unique affiliate tracking profiles, also known as site IDs. Affiliates mainly create additional tracking profiles when they advertise a brand on multiple affiliate sites they own.
Earnings/Traffic Report
A report that generates summary of your affiliate activity. This can be accessed in the Reports section of the affiliate program interface, once you are logged in.
Welcome Bonus
Welcome Bonus is a unique offer given by the website to encourage visitors to register and to make the first deposit. You can view the bonuses offered by our clients in our website.